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 (sĭ-mo͞om′) also si·moon (-mo͞on′)
A strong, hot, sand-laden wind of the Sahara and Arabian Deserts: "Stephen's heart had withered up like a flower of the desert that feels the simoom coming from afar" (James Joyce). Also called samiel.

[Arabic samūm, from samma, to poison, from Aramaic sammā, drug, poison; see śmm in Semitic roots.]
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Noun1.simoon - a violent hot sand-laden wind on the deserts of Arabia and North Africasimoon - a violent hot sand-laden wind on the deserts of Arabia and North Africa
air current, current of air, wind - air moving (sometimes with considerable force) from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure; "trees bent under the fierce winds"; "when there is no wind, row"; "the radioactivity was being swept upwards by the air current and out into the atmosphere"
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I kept my eyes fixed on the window, but the wolf drew his head back, and a whole myriad of little specks seems to come blowing in through the broken window, and wheeling and circling round like the pillar of dust that travellers describe when there is a simoon in the desert.
Por exemplo, na Italia e o Siroco, o "pai da depressao"; na Espanha e o Leveccio; no Egito tem o Chamsin; na Argentina, o Zonda; na Franca ha o Autan e o Mistral; o Saara tem o Simoon, enquanto o Sharav e o Chamsin sao encontrados no Oriente Medio e em Israel; no Havai sopra o Kona; na Noruega, o Bora; na Austria, o Fohn; em Salzburg ha o Tauerwind; no Danubio superior, o Pyrnwind; Lyon sofre com o Vento de Midi; a California, com o Santa Ana; no leste das Montanhas Rochosas e no noroeste do Canada sopra o Chinook (SARTORI, 2016).
Left to right, Irena Watson 12, Millie MacDonald 13, mirren wood 12 Simoon Pun 13, and Tiana Robbins 13 from Queen Victoria School, Dunblane.
Drent and Guiguet (1961) noted that A Menzies (physician and naturalist on Captain Vancouver's expedition) first reported a "shag" colony at Deep Sea Bluff, Simoon Sound, in 1792, likely the earliest known breeding record in British Columbia.
Box 5000, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada B2G 2W5; (2) Salmon Coast Field Station, Simoon Sound, British Columbia, Canada; (3) British Columbia Ministry of Forests Lands and Natural Resources, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada; (4) Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada
Simoon Longley, of Fenay bridge, has been handed a Pride in the Job award from the National house Building Council for his work overseeing construction work at a Taylor Wimpey development at Lindley Moor Road, Huddersfield.
On one level, Ruskin explains, the Dragon represents earth-storm and the fiery simoon winds, but its moral significance lies in its descent from mythical figures associated with covetousness and malignity, its nearest relation being the Gorgons.
To the memory of Simoon Radowitzky and Raymundo Gleyzer.
Author, documentary maker and photographer Chris Bradley and Amelia Stewart, founder of Simoon Travel, a specialist Libyan tour operator, will answer questions and share tips for making the most of a trip to this North African nation.
I was an ostrich, flying madly before the simoon wind .
That all of a sudden a serene and breathable breeze would become a simoon.
Amelia is soon to be a force of one in south London company, Simoon Travel, which specialises in travel to Libya.