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1. Characterized by oversimplification, as in ignoring complexities or complications: simplistic solutions that would not solve the budget crisis.
2. Usage Problem Simple.

sim·plis′ti·cal·ly adv.
Usage Note: The usual meaning of simplistic is "characterized by oversimplification." It is occasionally used to mean "simple," with no negative overtones, but this usage, as in The song is short and sweet, with admirably simplistic lyrics that carry such depth in so few words, was rejected by 84 percent of the Usage Panel in 2011.


[sɪmˈplɪstɪkəli] advde manière simpliste
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Towers Watson simplistically defines alternative credit as all credit which is not traditional investment grade government or corporate debt.
As a by-product, it also helps the Tories undermine Labour's wish to portray itself simplistically as the party that stands up for Wales against cuts imposed from Westminster.
There is in fact a whole umbrella of groups and cultures that a person can identify with and Cox explained that intricate topic beautifully and simplistically.
With so much at stake at Wednesday's meeting, it was demoralising hearing our politicians, lowering such an important issue to their level, simplistically turning it into some test of the Anastasiades government, which they collectively urged to back Greece.
He was a talented chain-saw artist, who could take a rough piece of wood from a freshly cut tree, and craft it in to something amazingly, and simplistically, beautiful.
It follows a Welsh Government announcement in January that the Basic Payment Scheme would be based on Welsh farmland being classified in three payment regions: Moorland, Severely Disadvantaged Area (SDA), and Disadvantaged Area (DA), CLA Cymru Policy Director Karen Anthony said: "Although these different categories were based on the different agricultural qualities of land, the moorland line was re-drawn simplistically with altitude being the main factor.
He added: "We would agree with the PSNI analysis that these issues cannot be simplistically ascribed to any single organisation or to any single geographical area.
If we assume simplistically that that organisation occupies around 6,250m2 of leased office space, at a cost of circa $400 per m2 per annum, then the annual rental bill would be $2.
Every piece of CLOAQ APPAREL is carefully crafted to achieve maximum EMR protection simplistically as well as fashionably.
The residential schools issue is complex and cannot be labelled simplistically as "evil.
And like simplistically smart or short-sightedly smart politicians, he will attack the weakest segment of society when he is cornered.
Enter GeoSEO's Local SEO Plugin that solves both issues simplistically.