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Supported by simulative investigations, the goal was to derive optimization strategies for the integration of electronics in injection-molded plastic components with regard to the electronics layout, the mold cavity, and the use of material protection concepts for electronics.
The JFDZ has started to provide facilities to stimulate investment and development of land located in the Dead Sea development area in the hotel and commercial sector, including a simulative investment offer to reduce the annual rent of up to 50 percent this year to accelerate investment, said the JFDZ President Khalaf Humaisat.
A simulative comparison of respondent driven sampling with incentivized snowball sampling--the "strudel effect".
The activity of the samples for photocatalytic degradation of RhB was evaluated using 300 W xenon lamp as simulative solar light irradiation.
In the public sector, Sullivan pointed to simulative "fiscal" policy, which when unemployment is so low, could add stress to labor markets (tax reform, immigration policy, trade friction, infrastructure spending).
Bereczki 2002 also lists several other constructions which he calls "moods", such as "simulative", "assumptive", "promissory", "determinative" and "necessive", although all of them are compound structures (Bereczki 2002 : 106-110).
Pelevin's work, "aware of the simulative nature of reality and the notion of a divine absurdity structuring existence" (137), centers on postmodern self-reflexivity.
Central to Tsao's philosophy is the synthesis of Lachenmann's concept of Strukturklang with Ferneyhough's idea of the "figure" into an approach Tsao calls "lyric subjectivity." The goal is to "discover beauty, violence and desire within a complex exterior world of sounds placed under formal pressures that are dialecdcally mediated through simulative invention and discursive reference" (p.
He argues that, over time, the sociopsychological space of modern civilization is increasingly saturated with simulative forms of existence.
According to Deputy Prime Minister Koco Angjusev, a solution for reduction of pollution is electric cars, and for this it is necessary to take simulative measures to attract citizens.

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