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Adv.1.sincerely yours - written formula for ending a letter
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Use it entirely as you please--only, if you use it for the purpose suggested in your letter to me, remember that the responsibility is yours, and yours alone.--I remain, sincerely yours, Wingrave Seton."
Whatever the result may be, pray return to me the inclosures which I have trusted to your care, and believe me, dear madam, in much suspense and anxiety, sincerely yours,
Actress Lorrie Brown returns to Shrewsbury later this year with her show Sincerely Yours - a tribute to Vera Lynn.
Sincerely Yours Ahmed Syed Founder I am Pakistan Movement.
The bittersweet Dancing explores Kylie's determination to go out on a high; she yearns for One Last Kiss before meeting "a light in the distance"; and Sincerely Yours is worryingly valedictory.
Also, the South African documentary Sincerely Yours directed by Dumisani Phakathi, which was awarded the Jury Prize in 2002, and the Egyptian documentary Girls as Such directed by Tahani Rashid, which won the Best Documentary Award in 2006 were also screened.
More detailed information regarding the Symposium and conditions of participation can be found on the site of the Department for Electric Apparatus: Sincerely yours,
The first tenant, Sincerely Yours Bridal, is scheduled to open by end of this year.
La Tavola's event will star Dame Vera's musical 'double' - 51-year-old Jeanette Kingdon - one half of a mother-and-daughter act Sincerely Yours, a name taken from the musical legend's wartime radio programme and first album title.
DEAR MISS MANNERS: I have noticed that, in professional correspondence, it is common to sign a letter or email with "Yours truly'' or "Sincerely yours.'' These sign-offs have always struck me as oddly intimate, even romantic, so I use "Best regards.''
2 Record labels named after The Embassy songs (The Tough Alliance's Sincerely Yours and Studio's Information)