sing away


w>sing away

vi (person, bird)(ununterbrochen) singen; (kettle)summen; (to oneself) → vor sich (acc)hin trällern
vt sep troublesfortsingen
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Newcastle fans vow to still "follow United" no matter what when they sing away from home.
Angie added: "The last seven or eight years we've had to go on holiday to places with karaoke machines so he can sing away.
So as we tuck into our Christmas lunch this year, sing Away in a Manger, or watch our children dressed up as shepherds or angels in their plays, I hope each of us can take a moment to reflect on the real message of Christmas and consider how in 2015 we could maybe be inspired by that message, to love each other more, to care about the hungry and the homeless, to live more compassionately, to be a voice of challenge when we see injustice and to be good news in our communities.
It wasn't exactly the kind of do where kiddies sing Away In A Manger while their proud parents look on.
Vocalists who can sing away your blues and warm the very core of your souls are numbers that will echo in your head till long after the event ends.
You guys sing away," shouted Tina Zloty, stART's co-director, as movement members began their singing.
Applicants will be asked to sing Away in a Manger or a song of their choice and some scales as well as taking short reading, musical and aptitude assessments.
Download new tracks from your PC and sing away or plug it into your TV for extra graphics.
WHEN three sexy, sassy ladies step into the spotlight to sing away their blues, you'd better sit up and take notice.
The first is that Saul often had the blues and hired David and his harp to sing away his sadness.