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Beverley School Choir has just won a platinum award from Sing Up, a national scheme led by Youth Music the UK's largest children's music charity.
WINNERS: Beverley School Choir, left, has won a Sing Up platinum award for its great work at the Middlesbrough school, below
The school is a fully fledged member of Sing Up - a national government scheme to get singing into the classroom.
It is a chance for us to Support Sing Up on a national stage and reciprocate their wonderful support for singing at a local level.
As a Platinum Award School they are Sing Up ambassadors, a role which they have fulfilled to perfection, inspiring schools across the country with their dedication to singing.
Sing Up is a national singing programme aimed at putting singing at the heart of children's lives.
The Sing Up Awards include silver, gold and platinum with the platinum award available by nomination only.
In a survey commissioned by national schools programme Sing Up, more than a quarter thought Trafalgar was part of the English Civil War.
The study, commissioned by the national schools singing programme Sing Up, found that one in seven kids believed he was American.
Longley School has been awarded a Sing Up silver award in recognition of staff and pupils' efforts in putting singing at the heart of school life.
The Sing Up scheme is a Governmentbacked initiative aimed at getting students to sing more in school.