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(sĭng′ə-lông′, -lŏng′)
1. A casual gathering for group singing; a songfest.
2. A spontaneous group singing, as by an audience at a performance.


(ˈsɔŋ fɛst, ˈsɒŋ-)

an informal gathering at which people sing folk songs, popular ballads, etc.
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The Sing-Along with Santa specials are not just about the music, it is about the whole experience of The Phil at Christmas.
Don't miss the sing-along, dance-along, clap-along, snow-filled Best-Ever Christmas Show coming to Liverpool this Christmas.
is a children's picturebook celebrating the fall season with simple, delightful illustrations and a sing-along song.
Today the movie magic will continue with Toy Story at 11am, a Frozen sing-along at 3pm, then two silent films, before the Disney Pixar film Up
The NOISY SING-ALONG collection by John Himmelman is a wonderful way to connect children with science and nature.
The computer-animated Disney sensation, which saw frantic parents buy up whatever film spin-offs they could lay their hands on in the run-up to the festive season, is heading to The Playhouse Whitley Bay in a sing-along format.
The show feels like a great big sing-along most nights so I'm looking forward to singing along with the people of Ireland once again.
They therefore wanted to screen Seven Brides For Seven Brothers and gave out song sheets so that everyone could sing-along.
23 ( ANI ): Disney is all set to re-release 'Frozen' at the end of this month, in a special sing-along version.
Kids will delight in hearing readers make funny noises as they "sing" along with the insects featured in Noisy Bug Sing-Along (Dawn Publications) written and illustrated by John Himmelman.
EAST BROOKFIELD - The town's summer concert series will be back in action tonight featuring a kids sing-along, instrument parade and acoustic duets by locals Amanda Lambert and Jason Gianfriddo.
Children's sing-along planned Saturday at Springfield library