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Noun1.singalong - informal group singing of popular songs
singing, vocalizing - the act of singing vocal music
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As well as the film and its singalong spin-offs being box office smashes, its soundtrack has been at the top of the UK album chart for months.
But when the singalong version of The Greatest Showman hit screens at Redcar's Regent Cinema, the audience sat in almost silence with hardly anyone singing a note.
The visit came ahead of the Playdays stage show at the Liverpool Empire next Monday - a singalong concert featuring Peggy Patch, Poppy the Cat and all the stars of the television show.
The singalong hit is the number one choice for would-be Pop Idols across the country.
But the only fun that was to be had in Wales last night was had in Ponty Park as Tom set about burning down the house, leading the masses in singalong after singalong.
MEMBERS of the Salvation Army in Coventry are inviting people to go and have a "good singalong" to their favourite hymns at a service on Sunday.
The singalong is held the third Saturday of each month.
While most of the album sticks to the tried and tested - Where The Lines Overlap boasts shameless stadium singalong "I've got a feeling that if I sang this loud enough, you would sing it back to me" - the closing three tracks offer greater interest.
Anyone who would like to buy a ticket for the singalong should contact 01434 607770.
"There is a story afoot that Cliff's impromptu singalong at Wimbledon was engineered by his then PR Company.
Disney launched a singalong DVD to mark its most successful film, with a celebrity-studded premiere at London's Royal Albert Hall.
Saturday June 27: 11am Toy Story; 3pm Frozen singalong; 5pm Two silent movies, One Week featuring Buster Keaton and The Rink starring Charlie Chaplin; 7pm Up.