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Noun1.singing voice - the musical quality of the voice while singingsinging voice - the musical quality of the voice while singing
bass voice, basso, bass - the lowest adult male singing voice
baritone voice, baritone - the second lowest adult male singing voice
tenor, tenor voice - the adult male singing voice above baritone
countertenor, alto - the highest adult male singing voice
alto, contralto - the lowest female singing voice
mezzo, mezzo-soprano - the female singing voice between contralto and soprano
soprano - the highest female voice; the voice of a boy before puberty
phonation, vocalisation, vocalization, vox, voice, vocalism - the sound made by the vibration of vocal folds modified by the resonance of the vocal tract; "a singer takes good care of his voice"; "the giraffe cannot make any vocalizations"
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Cameron Westwood ENTERTAINMENT: A year seven Peterlee schoolgirl revealed her stunning singing voice to pupils.
Their search for Hanarehs legendary and almost magical singing voice slowly becomes a quest for their home and a grander metaphor takes place as the film shows the resilience and suffering the Kurdish people, especially the women.
The group is looking for an attractive black woman, who has an excellent singing voice and can dance well, for the leading role of Deloris.
We were also treated to her lovely singing voice while her son played the guitar.
JOE Longthorne proved he has still got his singing voice - hours after a throat operation he feared might take it away.
Bill, a former fireman during the Coventry Blitz, is well known locally for his singing voice, performing in city pubs and as part of a singing group of OAPs known as The Nostalgics.
Wellington, March 22 ( ANI ): A nun has captured the attention of the world with her amazing singing voice after she appeared on the talent show 'The Voice of Italy'.
The star will provide the character's singing voice in the flick, a role he's well chuffed about.
MUSIC legend Linda Ronstadt says she has lost her singing voice due to Parkinson's disease.
One of the shining stars is Davina (Shavani Seth), thanks to movie-star looks, a good singing voice and brains.
platform that gamifies the singing voice and has the potential to become a user-generated discovery platform.
Summary: Gary Barlow is set to provide the singing voice of Postman Pat in a new film to be released in 2013.