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Noun1.single prop - a propeller plane with a single propellersingle prop - a propeller plane with a single propeller
propeller plane - an airplane that is driven by a propeller
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There are rugs, which indicate where customers will be walking around so the toys know to avoid being seen, and lots of places for them to hide." Because a single prop can take hours to weeks to create, fans might spot Easter eggs--like the throne from Brave, a scream canister from Monsters, Inc.
Both are compact and weedless lures with a single prop at the rear that sputters subtly as it's steadily retrieved.
Megan Taking off from Shotton Airfield in County Durham on Friday, the staff had to wait until the single prop plane climbed to 10,000ft before jumping out.
But when Canadian performer Charles Stuart Ross brings the Skywalker family saga to life with not a single prop to help him, he brings a whole new life to the beloved series of films.
"Almost every single prop gets action," Grodsky said.
Without a single prop or bit of costume, Dickens peopled his stage with a throng of characters like an entire theatre company under one hat.

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