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Noun1.single quote - a single quotation mark
inverted comma, quotation mark, quote - a punctuation mark used to attribute the enclosed text to someone else
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"I could have written a book with all the reporting I gathered during this process--where you see a single quote, imagine a 10-page transcript!"
I loved every single quote and picture in this book, and I have no doubt that girls all over the world would be as inspired as I was after reading this book.
To date, secularists have failed to provide even a single quote of Jinnah wherein he exclusively used the term 'secular Pakistan' in his speeches.
Though the statement immediately follows a single quote cited from an article in Early Music (Terrence Best, "Handel's Chamber Music: Sources, Chronology, Authenticity," Early Music 13, no.
On the BBC's Andrew Marr show, Marr questioned Diane Abbott repeatedly, embarrassing her over a single quote she made over 30 years ago.
ANOTHER Francis - in this case, Francisco, a minor character in Hamlet - is known for a single quote, the first part of which is: "For this relief much thanks."
In that single quote, not only does Cawthon admit that the upcoming spinoff might be a standalone effort, but he also describes it as something new.
It is a basket price not a single quote. So for Pakistan government, imported oil is a revenue-generating factor instead of being an industrial-base helping regime in place.
As a part of DHL's domestic freight services, Trans Border Connect is a bundled solution that offers a single quote for pickup transport, line-haul transport, border crossing, cross-dock, border clearances and delivery components, US and Mexico customs border brokerage and expertise.
So much present rhetoric and action focuses on improving education, but surprisingly there is almost nothing in these pages on the Baltimore schools and their role in these young people's lives: their inadequacy is more or less assumed, not a single quote in the book refers to schooling, and the author's recommendations at the end propose only familiar, and often politically impossible, remedies.
And they try to do it all with a single quote method.

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