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Noun1.single shell - a shell for a single oarsman
racing shell, shell - a very light narrow racing boat
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However, a short while ago, Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham announced that they were willing to comply the ceasefire, but warned they would attack if a single shell fell into their territory.
Spray Dynamics: Their single shell coating drum with an open channel frame was designed and engineered specifically for the food safety and hygiene requirements of poultry processing.
Note, if you load a single shell through the ejection port, the bolt will not lock back unless you press the lifter plunger before firing.
The roof is a fixed single shell with a structural steel frame and a translucent ETFE membrane.
GAZA -- Israeli troops hit a car with a single shell on Gaza borders on Saturday killing four Palestinians, a spokesman of the Palestinian Health Ministry said in a statement.
"We practice a sovereign right of self-defense and we will continue to fight terrorism wherever it is found on Syrian soil," he affirmed, adding that the Syrian government reserves the full right to retaliate against armed terrorist groups if they target civilians with even a single shell.
Speaking for the first time since receiving the Legion D'Honneur, Reg, 96, told his incredible story - including the time he took out two German tanks with a single shell.
He reckoned Richard couldn't pick up a box of 15 eggs with his Daf Hiab crane, place them on his flatbed lorry, then return them to the ground...without cracking a single shell.
After its completion in 2020, the facility will employ 200 workers to develop and produce the Monocell chassis (a single piece carbon fiber chassis as found in its Super Series models, such as the 650S) and the Monocage chassis (or single shell, as found in the 570S).
"If even a single shell is fired into the territory in which the sovereignty of the DPRK is exercised, the bases of aggression and provocation will be reduced to such debris that no living thing can be found."
The discovery first started when one of his assistants noticed that the two stars in the system shared an atmosphere, much like 'two peanuts sharing a single shell.'

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