single whip

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(ʰwɪp, wɪp)

v. whipped whipt, whip•ping, v.t.
1. to beat with a flexible implement, as a strap, lash, or rod, esp. as punishment; flog.
2. to spank.
3. to urge on with or as if with lashes.
4. to castigate with words.
5. to train or organize forcefully: to whip the team into shape.
6. to defeat; overcome: to whip a bad habit.
7. to hoist or haul by means of a whip.
8. to move, pull, or seize with a sudden movement: She whipped out her camera.
9. to fish (a body of water) with rod and line, esp. by making repeated casts.
10. to beat, as eggs, to a froth with an implement.
11. to overlay or cover (cord or rope) with cord, thread, or the like.
12. to wind (cord, twine, or thread) about something.
13. to sew with a light overcasting stitch.
14. to go quickly and suddenly; dart.
15. to lash about: flags that whip in the wind.
16. whip off, to write hurriedly: to whip off a book report.
17. whip up,
a. to prepare quickly: to whip up dinner in ten minutes.
b. to incite; arouse: to whip up the mob.
18. an instrument for striking, as in driving animals or in punishing, typically consisting of a lash or other flexible part with a more rigid handle.
19. a lashing stroke or motion.
20. a utensil for whipping; whisk.
21. a dessert of beaten egg whites or cream, flavoring, and often chopped fruit: pineapple whip.
a. a party manager in a legislative body who secures attendance for voting and directs other members.
b. (in Britain) a written call made on members of a party to be in attendance for voting.
23. a windmill vane.
24. a tackle consisting of a fall rove through a single standing block (single whip), or a fall secured at one end and rove through a single running and a single standing block (double whip).
25. the wrapping around the end of a whipped cord or the like.
26. Also called whirl. eccentric rotation of a shaft having its center line slightly curved between supporting bearings.
27. a branchless shoot of a woody plant, esp. one resulting from the first year's growth of a bud or graft.
[1200–50; Middle English w(h)ippe (n.), w(h)ippen (v.), akin to or < Middle Dutch, Middle Low German wippen to swing, vacillate]
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