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Relating to a firearm whose trigger serves only to fire the weapon and not to cock it.


(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) (modifier) (of a firearm) requiring the hammer to be cocked by hand before firing


(of a firearm) requiring the cocking of the hammer before firing each shot.
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Three single-action Colt's revolvers, with the heavier, or American pattern of cartridge.
Now both Smith & Wesson and Colt had superb, though quite different, single-action revolvers.
The title for the article comes from the fact this revolver was designed as the epitome of the single-action sixgun.
The primary governing body for the sport, the Single Action Shooting Society, requires that all competitors' firearms--either original or reproduction--be of a type that were in use before 1898, and as far as handguns go, only single-action revolvers are allowed.
wondernine, the Hi-Power, as well as the BDM which allows either DAO or a double-action first shot followed by single-action follow up shots by the flick of a switch.
Traditions Performance firearms introduces into their 2013 lineup single-action revolvers by Pietta.
This was a single-action sixgun world in Keith's early ranching days.
Shooting a single-action revolver is much the same, although some would argue that there is no inherent skill needed, once you know the fundamentals of handgun shooting in general.
They have also been tuned by master single-action sixgunsmith Jim Martin, who also fitted them with one-piece mesquite grips.
You can bet a lot of personal single-action history happened in between those two events.
With renewed interest in firearms with single-action triggers by both shooters and manufacturers alike, it's good to review staying safe under stress.
Since the introduction of the Ruger Super Blackhawk all those decades ago, I have been regularly looking for better hammers and better handles, or if you please, grip frames for single-action sixguns.

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