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Relating to a firearm whose trigger serves only to fire the weapon and not to cock it.
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(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) (modifier) (of a firearm) requiring the hammer to be cocked by hand before firing
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(of a firearm) requiring the cocking of the hammer before firing each shot.
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"Three single-action Colt's revolvers, with the heavier, or American pattern of cartridge."
Once again, I'm not advocating the single-action sixgun as the best choice for self-defense.
OVER THE YEARS, THE DEBATE BETWEEN those favoring the single-action and single-action/double-action semiautos has taken predictable paths when it came to firing the first shot.
Two types of guns exist: single-action and double-action.
Everybody reading this magazine probably knows the sage advice of loading a six-shot Colt-type single-action revolver with only five rounds and carrying it with the hammer down on the empty chamber.
A In fanning a single-action revolver, the trigger is held back while the heel or side of the shooter's other hand is used repeatedly and quickly to sweep the hammer back to the cocked position.
Unless things get Western, good hunters rarely ever use double-action function even if their chosen tool offers it, and traditionalists will appreciate the simple, straightforward classic revolver operation and simplicity of the single-action Super Blackhawk.
I would like to know about the Dakota .357 single-action revolver (Western style).
* Features an innovative single-action hydraulic lifting and tipping mechanism that provides minimum swing out
Single-action firearms feature a hammer that requires manual cocking for the initial firing and a trigger press that demands only a few pounds of pressure.
Extrusion Dies Industries LLC, Chippewa Falls, Wis., first exhibited the leakage-reducing combination of external and internal deckles in a single-action mechanism at Interplas in the U.K.
I've had guns all my life but they've been single-action revolvers or leverguns (I do Cowboy Action shooting).

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