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Closing with a narrow overlap and fastened down the front with a single row of buttons: a single-breasted suit.
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(Clothing & Fashion) (of a garment) having the fronts overlapping only slightly and with one row of fastenings
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1. (of a coat, jacket, etc.) having a front closure directly in the center with only a narrow overlap secured by a single button or row of buttons.
2. (of a suit) having a jacket or coat of this type. Compare double-breasted.
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Adj.1.single-breasted - (of clothing) closing with a narrow overlap and fastened with a single row of buttons; "a single-breasted jacket"
double-breasted - (of clothing) fastened by lapping one edge of the front well over the other usually with a double row of buttons; "double-breasted jacket"; "double-breasted suit"
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[ˌsɪŋglˈbrestɪd] ADJrecto
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[ˈsɪŋglˌbrɛstɪd] adj (jacket) → a un petto
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(ˈsiŋgl) adjective
1. one only. The spider hung on a single thread.
2. for one person only. a single bed/mattress.
3. unmarried. a single person.
4. for or in one direction only. a single ticket/journey/fare.
1. a gramophone record with only one tune or song on each side. This group have just brought out a new single.
2. a one-way ticket.
ˈsingleness noun
ˈsingles noun plural
1. (also noun singular) in tennis etc, a match or matches with only one player on each side. The men's singles are being played this week; (also adjective) a singles match.
2. (especially American) unmarried (usually young) people. a bar for singles; (also adjective) a singles holiday/club.
ˈsingly adverb
one by one; separately. They came all together, but they left singly.
ˌsingle-ˈbreasted adjective
(of a coat, jacket etc) having only one row of buttons. a single-breasted tweed suit.
ˌsingle-ˈdecker noun, adjective
(a bus etc) having only one deck or level. a single-decker (bus).
ˌsingle-ˈhanded adjective, adverb
working etc by oneself, without help. He runs the restaurant single-handed; single-handed efforts.
single ˈparent noun
a mother or father who brings up a child or children on her or his own. a single-parent family.
single out
to choose or pick out for special treatment. He was singled out to receive special thanks for his help.
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Below his single-breasted black surtout, which was buttoned up to his chin, appeared the usual number of pepper- and-salt coloured legs, terminating in a pair of imperfectly polished boots.
The Kearney brothers had divided a suit between them, the elder wearing a tightly-fitting, single-breasted blue frock-coat and a pair of pink striped cotton trousers, while the younger candidly displayed the trousers of his brother's suit, as a harmonious change to a shining black alpaca coat and crimson neckerchief.
Casaubon paused, removed one hand from his back and thrust it between the buttons of his single-breasted coat.
TOFF Jacob Rees-Mogg is upstaged by son Peter, 10, who opts for a trendier single-breasted suit as he arrives for BBC1's The Andrew Marr Show yesterday.
Try this single-breasted Chesterfield coat from Burton for a similar colour pop, was PS89, now PS65, There was an urban/ workwear vibe going on at Tinie Tempah's What We Wear show.
The single-breasted navy suit - designed by HFW, woven by Pennine Weavers in Keighley and finished by Moldgreen dyers and finishers W T Johnson - took the internet by storm.
Among the must-have pieces are the Oxford shirt, the single-breasted overcoat and the white T-shirt.
Notch lapel The classic option for single-breasted tuxedos, this is the safest collar you can opt for.
Davidson, who wore a gray single-breasted tux for the event, was thrilled about Agdal's decision.
* Two and-three button, single-breasted jackets work best.
There are few more useful items in a man's wardrobe than a single-breasted blue blazer or, if you want to be on trend, a double-breasted one.

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