single-cell protein

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sin·gle-cell protein

n. Abbr. SCP
A protein extracted from cultured algae, yeasts, or bacteria and used as a substitute for protein-rich foods, especially in animal feeds.
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single-cell protein

(Biochemistry) protein that is produced by micro-organisms fermenting in liquid or gaseous petroleum fractions or other organic substances: used as a food supplement. Abbreviation: SCP
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Keywords: Date fruit; Yeasts; Bioethanol; Single-cell protein; 26S rRNA gene sequencing; Phylogenetic analysis.
The transaction is seen to boost Fluidigm's single-cell revenue immediately and to allow the company to add single-cell protein analysis to its existing analytical portfolio, the buyer's CEO, Gajus Worthington, said in a statement.
Die Nukleinsauren--ein gesundheitlicher Risikofaktor beim Einsatz von "Single-Cell Protein" in der Tierernahrung?
Single-cell protein (SCP) is the protein extracted from cultivated microbial biomass.
* Single-cell protein (SCP) typically refers to sources of mixed protein extracted from pure or mixed cultures of algae, yeasts, fungi or bacteria resulting in a wood or other fermentation by-product where it has been used in Pacific Northwest compost operation.
Expectations were raised during the 1960s by a process that grew single-cell protein from petroleum oil.

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