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also sin·gle·han·ded (sĭng′gəl-hăn′dĭd)
1. Working or done without help; unassisted.
2. Intended for use with one hand.
3. Having or using only one hand.
4. Nautical Of, being, or restricted to a one-person sailing crew.
In a single-handed manner.

sin′gle-hand′ed·ly adv.
sin′gle-hand′ed·ness n.
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Adv.1.single-handedly - without assistance; "I built this house single-handedly"
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Without the presence or aid of another:
Idioms: all by one's lonesome, by oneself.
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As Perera garnered praises from all corners of the world, Indian Head Coach Ravi Shastri also hailed the Sri Lankan batter by saying that he single-handedly took Sri Lanka over the victory line.
Andrews Catholic Church, Isiebu in Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo state, single-handedly built by him, he said he was inspired by the selfless love shown him by the church during the burial of his mother by allowing her burial in a chapel.
Birsa is considered to be a real-life hero, who single-handedly raised an army of tribals and fought against the British for land ownership rights for locals.
The series has infused positivity in music across the country and has single-handedly brought back to life a dying industry.
He won his VC for leading a bayonet charge against 50 armed enemy infantry and then single-handedly took out a machine-gun post to ensure the safety of his unit.
Will it be the multi-talented playmaker capable of almost single-handedly destroying the opposition or the Rangi Chase who's virtually anonymous from start to finish?
Mr Robinson, who died after a short illness aged 70, was a renowned fast bowler with the Bedworth and Sterling Metals clubs before becoming an umpire and almost single-handedly running the local Thursday Cricket League.
I said it had to be Shay Given, as he almost single-handedly kept Newcastle in the Premier League many a season.
The ad, featuring a mum who appeared to almost single-handedly carry out the festive preparations, drew 620 complaints from TV viewers.
THE secret Lotto millionaire who has single-handedly rescued a memorial to Midland soldiers butchered by the Nazis restores your faith in human nature.
He's single-handedly tackled the fashion-shy, taught us all how to cook, and has now turned his hand to playing Cupid.