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tr.v. sin·gle-hand·ed, sin·gle-hand·ing, sin·gle-hands
To sail (a boat) without the help of others.

sin′gle-hand′er n.
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The Spaniard is the only single-hander to reach the last 16 and the only member of the world's top 40 not to have a doublefisted backhand.
Scammonden Water Sailing Club (SWSC) members competed in the nonstop single-hander race in Southport at the weekend.
6 ALL IS LOST ROBERT REDFORD shows age is but a number as he battles Mother Nature in this single-hander (see left).
But Dr David Bailey, chair of the BMA's Welsh GP committee, said that while it was reasonable to remain open throughout in a large surgery with several GPs, it was "not necessarily quite so easy in a single-hander in the middle of Powys".
He began by taking me through the differences between a longsword (which was nearly as big as me), a single-hander and a messer (another single edged sword), which were all terrifyingly sharp but beautiful.
The larger-than-life English actor has tackled some challenging roles in his time - but taking on 42 different parts in his latest single-hander is a tall order even for him.
Staged as a single-hander at Middlesbrough Theatre next weekend and directed by Tom Neill, the production (pictured right) is a tribute to Wilde - a theatrical luminary and flamboyant socialite -as his private and public lives are creatively juxtaposed with extracts from his poems, letters, plays and novels including among others An Ideal Husband, The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Ballad Of Reading Gaol.
Anorak of Fire is a challenging single-hander that is being taken on by Andy Worley, directed by Alan Wood.
It was Simon's tour de force in the single-hander One Fine Day - another studio production, back in February - that had first made me think that the amateur stage had good cause to be grateful to drama teachers, because he is head of drama at King's School, Worcester.
He also made the longest passage without a port of call for such a small vessel--25,000 kilometres--and twice broke the record for the distance covered by a single-hander in one week, by more than 160 kilometres.
One of five productions in the fringe company's 2005 season, this original single-hander, unlike the other four shows, has had an extensive tour of regional Australia before arriving at Griffin's Stables Theater base.