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And the single-hearted and full expression of public opinion is the service of-the press and a phenomenon to rejoice us at the same time.
But how many writers have noticed those other incomprehensible persons, members of families innocent for generations past of practicing Art or caring for Art, who have notwithstanding displayed from their earliest years the irresistible desire to cultivate poetry, painting, or music; who have surmounted obstacles, and endured disappointments, in the single-hearted resolution to devote their lives to an intellectual pursuit--being absolutely without the capacity which proves the vocation, and justifies the sacrifice.
He was single-hearted in his aim, and to pursue it he was willing to sacrifice not only himself -- many can do that -- but others.
But, launched out, the decision made, the line of least resistance taken, he knew, single-thoughted, single-hearted, only that he was going to Skipper.
Let us be vain of being single-hearted, upright gentlemen in the midst of a world of knaves.
With these motives (worthy of the single-hearted devotion to dramatic business which made Francis a successful manager) he related, without further hesitation, what his own experience had been, and what the experience of his relatives had been, in the haunted hotel.
But as every fact hath its roots in the soul, and if the soul were changed, would cease to be, or would become some other thing,--the proper administration of outward things will always rest on a just apprehension of their cause and origin; that is, the good man will be the wise man, and the single-hearted the politic man.
'He is the most grateful, single-hearted, affectionate creature that ever breathed.'
With its kindly humor, its single-hearted wholesomeness, and its delightful figure of Dr.
"Come!" he said, in his single-hearted, boyish way.
Dead, I have found them when they might have slighted my name, and passed greedily over my grave to ease and wealth, lingering by the way, like single-hearted children, to recall their love for me when I was a poor frightened child.
Faria gazed fondly on his noble-minded, single-hearted, high-principled young friend, and read in his countenance ample confirmation of the sincerity of his devotion and the loyalty of his purpose.