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Sincere and dedicated.

sin′gle-heart′ed·ly adv.
sin′gle-heart′ed·ness n.


[ˌsɪŋglˈhɑːtɪd] ADJ
1. (= loyal) → sincero, leal
2. (= single-minded) → resuelto, firme
References in classic literature ?
But in this view even the "metaphysical verse" of Cowley is but evidence of the simplicity and single-heartedness of the man.
declares Aquinas's decision to join the Dominicans--perhaps the single most determinative choice of his life--to be "uncharacteristically throwing caution to the winds" (13), one wonders whether, more than T.'s trope of invisibility, it may be Aquinas's single-heartedness, his non nisi te, that defines him above all.
Writer Bo Caldwell's present-tense account of the life of Henry Bartel, a 20th-century Mennonite missionary in China, pulses with the single-heartedness of a man who wanted nothing more than to share the love of Christ.
It also has to do with the single-mindedness (and single-heartedness) of the three players as they match each other every beat of the way.
single-heartedness in the struggle to win." The American Review of Reviews reported that to destroy a boy's faith in "the integrity and honesty" of baseball was to "plant suspicion of all things in his heart." (46)