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Of, relating to, or concerned with a single public issue, especially a controversial one, to the exclusion of all other issues: single-issue politics.
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A T Harrison (July 9) attempts to belittle those who voted for the Brexit Party and for being single-issue voters.
The reality is that the politics they want is, erm, Brexit, and single-issue politics is nothing "new."
While it's clear that under any form of PR, the Greens could increase their seat share, there would also be more single-issue parties vying for seats in the legislature.
This new manga is planned to be released in full-color, single-issue comics first, says the report.
"I don't believe in being a single-issue voter," state many.
Sadly the opposition consists of an unelectable, hard-left Labour Party, a narrow-minded, nationalist, all-things-to-all-people Plaid Cymru, a single-issue Ukip and the shrinking LibDems.
A single-issue model might list the all of the locations where the model will be used (geographic areas or business units) on one axis, and then list the various risk factors (Anti-kickback Statute analysis, relevant OIG Advisory Opinions, industry norms, etc.) on the other axis.
We're not really interested in a single issue because we don't live single-issue lives.
The Wellbeing approach will go beyond looking at single-issue healthy lifestyle services and a focus on illness, and instead aims to take a whole-person and community approach to improving health (Liverpool PHO, 2010).
These are essentially hardbound single-issue reprints of Marvel comic classics.
This happened at least partly because single-issue organizations like the Palm Center and OutServe were laser-focused on repeal.
"Although single-issue, Cystrategic' philanthropy promises greater efficiency and accountability in the near term, it also threatens to undermine broader goals such as diversity, coalition-building and creating social capital," Michael Brune, executive director of Sierra Club, said in a statement accompanying the report.