1. a fabric knitted on a circular machine with one set of needles, thereby having a face and a back that are different.
2. a garment made of such a fabric.
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The MXC-E5RE Single-Knit Multi Feeder Knitting Machine model is the five feeders/inch 'Super Multi Feeder' knit machine.
Knits are either constructed as single-knit or double-knit fabrics.
With an extra long front zipper for venting and a super-breathable, single-knit mesh, you'll be more than willing to stay in pursuit.
Also in the Spring I grouping are all-cotton 180-gram single-knit jersey fabrics celled Liz Knits--sheets, duvet covers and accessories in solid colors end various stripes.
Also included is a breathable, single-knit, polyester diamond mesh to wick moisture away, keeping you cool, dry and scent-free.
The MXC-E5RE machine with 5 feeders/inch "Super Multi-feeder" single-knit machine can produce approx.
Fukuhara's MXC E5RE Multi-Feeder Energy Saving Machine model is the 5 feeder/inch single-knit machine with Lycra setup.