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Noun1.single-leaf - pinon of southwestern United States having solitary needles and often many stemssingle-leaf - pinon of southwestern United States having solitary needles and often many stems; important as a nut pine
nut pine - any of several pinons bearing edible nutlike seeds
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From single-leaf teas to combinations that unite oolong, black, green and white teas with fruits and flavors to caffeine-free herbal recipes, the Jane Austen Tea Series offers a choice for all.
Along top and bottom of single-leaf rows, cut out triangular notches and depress slightly.
Another change involves the front suspension, which incorporates single-leaf springs as standard equipment.
Company offers a range of doors for the food industry ranging from single-leaf vertical doors that are manually operated to high-speed, bi-parting, double-leaf power doors.
Other features include an electric single-leaf entry door with enclosed steps, stand-up headroom and an 18" walk-through center aisle for easy-access boarding.
The fifth project is the mechanical and electrical rehabilitation of the single-leaf bascule SR 40 Astor Bridge.
Canopy photosynthetic rate can be affected by both leaf areas associated with plant or tiller density, leaf orientation/arrangement, and single-leaf photosynthetic capacity.
In the hope that a printed-off copy, without the grid background, might be more useful, I printed off the single-leaf item A9, 'The Grant of Arms to John Shakespeare'.
Leaves with complex shapes make the best impressions--ginkgo, liquidambar, and pin oak (if you can still find them on or around trees), or evergreens such as cedar, redwood, and juniper Use a single-leaf motif or different leaves in different paint colors.

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