1. (of whiskey, esp. Scotch) made from unblended malt whiskey distilled at one distillery.
2. single-malt whiskey, esp. Scotch.
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Revenues of the owner of the homegrown Emperador brandy and single-malt Scotch whiskey The Dalmore increased by 10 percent to a record P47 billion from the previous year's P42.2 billion.
The Dalmore-Whyte and Mackay's flagship single-malt whiskey product-was again a major growth driver as it continued to attract new consumers at the apex of the single-malt category.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Mar 11 (ANI): Glenfiddich, the world's most awarded single-malt whisky reinvents the single-malt serve with the launch of 'Glenfiddich Experiments'.
Known for its challenger spirit and the passion to push boundaries, 'Glenfiddich Experiments' will offer single-malt curation, unlike anything India has seen before.
And back in the days when I was a regular at Elaine's in New York, the waiters knew how broke I was, and how thirsty, and they would bring to my table, totally unbidden, a plate of mashed potatoes and a double Laphroaig, that legendary single-malt from the Isle of Islay.
Now he's master distiller at Breckenridge Distillery, which launched in the fall with a bourbon and a vodka, but the long-term focus is squarely on single-malt whiskey.
As the plan is to age the whiskey for a minimum of four years, Breckenridge's first batch of single-malt won't be available until 2014, but in the meantime there's plenty of Breckenridge Vodka, made with 100 percent corn, distilled five times, and filtered through activated coconut-shell carbon.
The company started accepting orders the same day for the single-malt whiskey dubbed ''Yamazaki 35 Years'' named after the distillery where it mellowed for more than 35 years, at department stores and liquor shops, it said.
At its best--neat--premium tequila is a surprisingly smooth and hauntingly distinctive drink, as memorable as the finest single-malt scotch or cognac.
Maybe you'll be in town during one of the restaurant's special events, such as its annual single-malt scotch tasting and dinner.
The MacTarnahan single-malt scotch is aged 15 years and boasts an alcohol content of 46 percent, a bit stronger than most scotches in its class.

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