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1. Having one overriding purpose or goal: the single-minded pursuit of money.
2. Steadfast; resolute: He was single-minded in his determination to stop smoking.

sin′gle-mind′ed·ly adv.
sin′gle-mind′ed·ness n.
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Adv.1.single-mindedly - in a single-minded manner
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On Thursday, Sison said he was 'not only disappointed but exasperated,' and said the 'people have no choice but to single-mindedly wage a people's war for national and social liberation.'
Most importantly, the plot this time is fleet and generally free from cliche, even if it continues to be single-mindedly unilinear.
However, for sustained development process, the welfare of the employees working in various departments in the Tribal Areas is necessary so that they can work single-mindedly without fears.
He urged all concerned to work single-mindedly so that the Games could be held in a manner the nation could be justifiably proud of.
LEWIS HAMILTON will now single-mindedly focus on Sunday's Singapore Grand Prix after putting behind him the disappointment of McLaren's failed appeal.
This insightful programme looks at their lives, and reveals what compelled each of these remarkable men to pursue so single-mindedly their own, lesser-trodden path.
"In the coming days, the SDLP will single-mindedly keep its eyes on the prize - an agreed police service with the allegiance of all."
In future weeks he will continue to be PM and is single-mindedly determined to carry on working hard for the people of this country and will concentrate on the core issues which remain the Government's priority: health, education, the economy, welfare and jobs.
The play sticks single-mindedly to its subject with little digression into character background.
Now in practice, of course, individual scientists do sometimes slip back into the vice of faith, and a few may believe so single-mindedly in a favorite theory that they occasionally falsify evidence.
Early in his search the hunter would seem to have been diverted from his goal by a beautiful young woman who flees his approach, but of course he is single-mindedly concentrating on his project rather than on her.
city outside Washington has so single-mindedly pursued an international crusade.

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