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Relating to or being a health care system in which a single entity, usually the government, collects all fees and pays all costs for health care services.
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A single-payer system lets people not worry about health insurance when looking for a new job.
The Medicare for All (M4A) cost estimate I published with the Mercatus Center last year (Blahous 2018) intensified an already vigorous national debate on whether to replace current US health insurance with a single-payer system.
Supported by the National Nurses Union, the campaign advocated for a national single-payer health care system for the entire country.
Over the last several months in this column I have been writing about the consequences to patients, physicians, and the public if we were to go to a single-payer system.
There is much talk these days about Medicare for all, single-payer, and universal health care.
In California, single-payer health care will continue to be a major issue.
We (The Big I) will continue to oppose the creation of a single-payer health plan in New York and work instead to enact affordable and sustainable programs that will protect our residents and businesses."
A study of a single-payer healthcare plan proposal for New York State found it would require "significant new tax revenue," but would expand coverage as it replaces premiums, setting off a debate over whether the state should go this route.
Seventy percent of Americans said they support a single-payer or Medicare for All health insurance system--including 85 percent of registered Democrats and 52 percent of registered Republicans.
State Assemblyman Harry Bronson, D-Chili/Rochester, is one of a number of New York Democrats supporting a bill that's in front of the state Senate Health Committee that would create a single-payer health system for New York.<br />Bronson promoted the bill at a town hall meeting in Rochester last month.<br />"It's shifting it from an employer-based system to a system where we all, in our state, share the cost of health care, for everyone," Bronson said.
ANNAPOLIS -- Single-payer health care could be a long-term solution to Marylands health insurance woes, sponsors of two single-payer bills told a Maryland legislative committee Monday.
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