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v. sin·gle-spaced, sin·gle-spac·ing, sin·gle-spac·es
To type, print, or format (copy) without leaving a blank line between lines.
To type, print, or format copy without leaving a blank line between lines.
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Adj.1.single-spaced - (of type or print) not having a blank space between lines; "business letters are usually single-spaced"
spaced - arranged with spaces between; often used as a combining form; "widely spaced eyes"
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This schism has actually existed throughout most of typed history, the writer and type enthusiast James Felici once observed (in a single-spaced essay).
* Manuscript must be typed in 12 point Times New Roman font and single-spaced;
Footnotes should be single-spaced, and no less than 10-point font.
The appendices include a 190-page, single-spaced transcription of the ten hours of speech data.
After filing suit, the Grotties timely filed an eleven-page, single-spaced report by Dr.
He also said he was surprised to learn the list of national and state organizations that state agencies pay dues for is a single-spaced list that runs 10 pages long.
It operates off of three AA alkaline batteries (for more than 700 hours of use) or a rechargeable battery pack and can store hundreds of pages of single-spaced text.
Sarah explained her decision to her family in a five-page, single-spaced letter.

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