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The pivoted horizontal crossbar to which the harness traces of a draft animal are attached and which is in turn attached to a vehicle or an implement. Also called regionally whiffletree, whippletree.

[Alteration (influenced by doubletree) of swingletree.]
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(Horse Training, Riding & Manège) a variant, esp US and Austral, of swingletree
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(ˈʰwɪf əlˌtri, ˈwɪf-)

Northern U.S. a crossbar, pivoted at the middle, to which the traces of a harness are fastened for pulling a vehicle or a plow. Also called whippletree , singletree.
[1820–30; variant of whippletree]
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A beam of wood, about three feet long with hooks on each end to which harness Tugs or Traces were attached. The middle of the singletree was attached to either an Evener or a one-horse implement.
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He wrote to Singletree, Darnley & Co., offering to sell out his rights in "The Shame of the Sun" for a hundred dollars, but they did not care to take the risk.
The leaders slacked back an' darn near sat down on their singletrees when I threw the back into the wheelers an' slammed on the brake an' stopped on the very precise spot.
The company paid $42.5 million for the 22-unit Watertower Apartments at 12300 Singletree Lane in September.
Ends for singletrees, often called singletree hooks.
Em aplicacoes de fertilizantes em citros, com distribuidores centrifugos, para ajuste da dosagem ao porte das arvores (singletree), SCHUMANN et al.
He was a director of Inc, 411 Web Directory Inc, SingleTree Resources LLC and Anchor Audio Inc.
The properties were bought for $250,000 in July from Singletree Realty LLC, led by Richard Johnson.
Blocks included: (1) singletree selection (864 ha); (2) pine-woodland restoration (1232 ha); (3) group selection (1044 ha); (4) mix of treatments (1791 ha), including single-tree selection, group selection, seed-tree cuts and unharvested areas in stands of approximately 18 ha; and (5) unharvested forest (836 ha) consisting mostly of mature (overstory >50 y of age), relatively unmanaged, second-growth pine-hardwood forest.
His harness was askew across his back and the singletree hitch still dragged behind where it had snapped from the cultivator at the gate opening.
The last, Lulu the Cree sister of his Indian friend Thomas Singletree, as against the sustaining purity of the motherly earth, is the wild wind across a tarnished earth in need of redemption as much as it redeems those who rely on it, capable of annihilation as much as capable of sustaining life.