A mobile home about 15 feet (4.6 meters) in width, used as a permanent residence.

sin′gle·wide′ adj.
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Description: 220 acres in 11 parcels, with 1973-era singlewide and a hay shed.
A one-bedroom apartment went for $2,000 a month while a singlewide mobile home was $2,400 a month and a 2,000-square-foot home rented for $4,500 a month.
wide, it is about the size of a singlewide mobile home.
Initially, Lewis was hoping to find a singlewide mobile home to replace his house, but another neighbor, Kara Deyerin made cold calls to contractors in hopes someone would build a stick house for Bajema.
Built in 1958, Thurm's Estates is composed of 155 singlewide spaces and 173 doublewide spaces.
Back in the early 1970s, I used to ride a balloon-tired bike up and down the streets of Nokomis, delivering newspapers to people in singlewide mobile homes and two-bedroom cinderblock bungalows.
The type of property I find most undervalued is land with an old singlewide mobile home sitting on it with the doors and windows broken out and the appliances rusting in the front yard.
They're So well-built that we estimate energy costs during winter months at only $60-$70, well below what one might experience in a singlewide mobile home for a similar price.
The equation for the heat delivery efficiency in Standard 152 (referred to in the standard as the delivery effectiveness) uses buffer space temperatures weighted by duct surface area, which reduces to a single buffer space for singlewide homes with the buffer space being the belly space.
A couple of days ago while driving just one little back road between Salem and Albany I counted three for sale - empty singlewide houses on rural acreage in less than five miles.
Shale was seventeen years old, alone in his tiny bedroom in the singlewide trailer in Livingston, warm under a weight of quilts, thinking of Easton, and home.