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 (sĭng′sông′, -sŏng′)
1. Verse characterized by mechanical regularity of rhythm and rhyme.
2. A tediously repetitive rising and falling inflection of the voice.
Tediously repetitive in vocal inflection or rhythm.

sing′song′y adj.


(Music, other) having the characteristics of singsong
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After the shock of his death wore off I thought to myself in a singsongy voice, "Guess whaaaatttt?
What we got at Friday night's opening was visually striking but emotionally anemic play, three-plus hours of familiar dialog but little drama, a show in which the Prince of Denmark worked out his tragic destiny with small, sharp witticisms and a lot of singsongy madness, but little heft.
delivered in a singsongy cadence that exerts a creepily mesmerizing effect on the viewer, just as it seems to on the sleepy alt girls at whom it's directed.
With doors open wide to the Pacific, we hear the chest-thumping crash of the waves, the raspy bark of sea lions, the singsongy entreaty of a distant jogger calling his dog back from a run on the beach.