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a. Suggesting or threatening harm or evil: a sinister smile.
b. Causing or intending harm or evil; wicked: a sinister conspiracy.
a. Portending misfortune or disaster; ominous: sinister storm clouds.
b. Attended by or causing misfortune or disaster: "The day has passed without any sinister accident" (John Quincy Adams).
a. Archaic On the left side; left.
b. Heraldry Situated on or being the side of a shield on the wearer's left and the observer's right.

[Middle English sinistre, unfavorable, from Old French, from Latin sinister, on the left, unlucky.]

sin′is·ter·ly adv.
sin′is·ter·ness n.
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[ˈsɪnɪstəlɪ] ADVsiniestramente
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[ˈsɪnɪstəlɪ] advsinistramente
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Sinisterly, India has revoked its previous policy of 'no nuclear first strike' Forgotten is Mrs Indira Gandhi's contention that India's nuclear programme was only for peaceful purposes.
It claimed the visit was fabricated an offered an 'alternate' narrative with a provocative headline that read: "Egyptian "Hamas agent" disguises as a Saudi national to sinisterly create rifts between Palestinians and Saudis".
In fact, there's something sinisterly alluring about the film's provocative meditation on sin and culpability as it tells the story of two cops, Brett Ridgeman (Mel) and Anthony Lurasetti (Vince), who turn to crime after getting suspended for six weeks over a botched operation.
But he's the Grandmaster Flash of the nebulous phrase, sinisterly referring to his mysterious powers of persusion (waterboarding?
She wrote: "I didn't have to endure any more of the sinisterly glistening and unidentifiable substances served up to me on a plate embarrassingly described as 'food'."
More sinisterly, I was automaticallly signed up for a continuous payment scheme.
Even more sinisterly, I had the look of a grainy Crimewatch video still - 'have any of the viewers seen this dodgy looking radgie?' The company (if such a name is for such a crew of spivs and robbers) that were billing (or should I say scamming me) apparently ran a network of such rackets across the country.
Now, the 15-year-old is "too terrified" to return to the school after a gang of up to a dozen youths pelted his Shawhead home with eggs and sinisterly shouted his name outside.
There can be no question at all that the Hibs boss has been singled out for all manner of religiously aggravated abuse and often the threats made against him have had a sinisterly paramilitary undertone, such as the wretched message daubed on a wall outside Tynecastle last week, demanding his execution.
Though the narrators of the stories at times seem jaded or weary, complaining of "sinisterly tedious" Shanghai nights, irritating companions, insomnia, and the dislocation of travel, there is a sense of determined and accomplished drifting -- both physically and mentally.