sink away


w>sink away

vi (seabed, ground) → abfallen
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It is a strange thing this bed, this mimic grave, where we stretch our tired limbs and sink away so quietly into the silence and rest.
Seated on a chair against the window, with her arm on the windowsill she was looking blankly at the flowing river, swift with the backward-rushing tide, struggling to see still the sweet face in its unreproaching sadness, that seemed now from moment to moment to sink away and be hidden behind a form that thrust itself between, and made darkness.
He heard the song with evident pleasure, until she allowed it gradually to sink away into silence.
Her bosom rose and fell as she breathed, and her excitement seemed to mount higher and higher, and then to sink away again, like a boat tossing upon ocean surges.
"To see the land beneath our feet sink away is an extremely sad sight," says Kavya, who has become a household name.
Jupiter will sink away into the sunset in late summer, then reappear low in the dawn come late October.
When removing marinated meat from the service counter always use clean utensils and put used utensils in a sink away from product.
"The Fish Quay has a rich history and if we don't keep it going with things like this, that history will sink away and be forgotten about."
And so, too, will humans' impacts crash into the earth and sink away.
She needed work done in her bathroom, and Costner removed the tiles and he pulled the sink away from the wall.