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1. The process, amount, or degree of sinking.
2. A sunken area; a depression.


rare the act of sinking or degree to which something sinks or has sunk


(ˈsɪŋ kɪdʒ)

1. the act, process, or amount of sinking.
2. a sunken surface or area.
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In that case, such sinkage would allow the sea to enter as far as the Presidential Palace, which is located some five kilometres inland.
Featuring a very high quality memory foam that's firm enough to prevent the risk of SIDS, yet still conforms to baby's bodies, your little one will get enhanced comfort with this number without having any sinkage or loss of shape.
The charity highlighted a host of local factors that contribute to sinkage, the majority manmade.
Matt Sinkage is an investigative reporter who may be in over his head, as his investigation reveals evidence of cruel murders, a ruthless plan of otherworldly conquest, and complicit involvement at the highest levels of government bureaucracy.
Supposing that [p.sub.db] is the pressure acting on the roof, [k.sub.db] is the stiffness of the roof, [u.sub.db] is the deformation of the roof, [p.sub.s] is the load acting on the elastoplastic zone, [k.sub.s] is the stiffness of the elastoplastic zone, [p.sub.t] is the load acting on the elastic zone, [k.sub.t] is the stiffness of the elastic zone, a is the total sinkage of the roof, [u.sub.c] is the deformation of the excavation layer, and the roof may be treated as an elastic body.
where [F.sub.c] is the compaction resistance (N); [F.sub.b] is the bulldozing resistance (N); b is the track width (m); G is the vehicle weight (N); L is the track length (m); c is the soil cohesion coefficient (KPa); [psi] is the soil internal friction angle ([degrees]); n is the soil deformation index; k is the soil deformation modulus (KN/[m.sup.n+2]); Z is the track amount of sinkage (m); [gamma] is the unit weight (N/[m.sup.3]); and [N.sub.[gamma]] and [N.sub.c] are the soil Terzaghi coefficients of the bearing capacity [22].
The imprinted concrete has no weeds, no sinkage of the area, no stains and it is virtually maintenance free.
All my friends and associates, farmers and anglers have complained they've got ground sinkage and loss of water."
The combination of the material and the geometry made molding prone to sinkage. However, they were quite successful in molding the component with minimal sinkage." Metallization was also critical, says Egan, and the supplier was successful in masking the part so as to have a clean orifice.
A combination of coastal erosion--contributed to by mangrove destruction--salinity incursions and land sinkage following ground water exploitation, are causing cities and their outskirts to become increasingly prone to flooding.
This involved clearing debris and fly-tipping from three alleyways; engineers digging up and repairing alleyway sinkage; a comprehensive sewer baiting programme and education for residents on waste management issues.