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n. Baseball
A pitched ball that sinks sharply as it reaches the plate; a sinker.
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"And that guy's tough on Zo right there, that sinkerball down and away," said manager Joe Maddon, whose team is 50-36.
Gals: 2,4-D, 150; Sinkerball, 100; Optima,100; Diquat,1500; Sonar AS/Fluridone, 10; Admiral/Sunlight Restrictant, 100; Captain XTR/Algacide, 350; Komeen, 500; Surfix, 30; Arsenal/Imazapyr, 150; Drift Control, 700; Rodeo/Glyphosate, 1,500; Razor Pro, 15; Foam Buster; 20; SeClear/Liquid Copper, 300; Trycera/Triclopyr, 300; Breeze/Water Conditioning Agent, 150; Dyneamic 30.LBS: Sonar-Q Quick Release/Fluridome, 300; Aquathol Super K (Pellets) 300; Navigate, 10,000; Clipper, 400; Komeen Crystal/Copper Pellets, 2000 (Pellets).
Just as hitters are advised to make the sinkerball pitcher get the ball up, the recommendation in this case is to make Palmer "get the ball down." A few hitters swung at "bad: high fastballs on this lad.
Interestingly, notwithstanding Harrelson's contributions on defense, only Seaver's Mets in the NL turned fewer double plays than the Padres (144 to 135); on both coasts, the pitcher was forsaken by his proverbial "best friend." For a control pitcher like Dave Roberts who relied on his sinkerball and had only 135 strikeouts (as compared to Seaver's 289, tops in the NL), the erratic fielding surely had a devastating effect.
Being a sinkerball pitcher, you kind of live off whether or not they hit the hole or hit it at your infielders, and they were able to string together a few of those in the holes.
An instructive case from the 1930s was that of the veteran sinkerball pitcher, Elon Chester Hogsett, a reliever for the 1935 World Champion Detroit Tigers.
Passeau, a sinkerball specialist, allowed a single and a walk and nothing else, shutting down the Tigers 3-0 in a masterful performance in Detroit.
BALTIMORE - The momentum the Boston Red Sox brought with them from the West Coast was no match for a rookie with a wicked sinkerball and a torrid fastball.
Javy Lopez said he doesn't like playing at the Trop because he's a sinkerball pitcher and the ball squirts through the infield.
Gerry told me he was going to take me down to 95, change my grip, cock my wrist, and make me a sinkerball pitcher.
"It's humbling and I feel a little honored, like I don't know if I should be there," said Masterson, a 22-year-old sinkerball specialist with an engaging personality.