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Noun1.sinopis - a red ocher formerly used as a pigment
ochre, ocher - any of various earths containing silica and alumina and ferric oxide; used as a pigment
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He also mentions the fact that clay (argilla) is used for iron welding, and further orpiment (auripigmentum), realgar (sandaraca), minium (minium) from silver-mines (used as a pigment), ruddle or red ochre (rubrica, Greek miltos), cinnabar (cinnabaris) and Sinopian earth (sinopis) for painting, yellow ochre (sil) from gold- and silver-mines ("the best [...] from Attica"), also used for painting (the dark one for shadows, the light one for light in paintings; for wall paintings mixed with marble powder, because "marble withstands the influence of fresh lime coatings"), see (Plinius, 2007, Pliny, 2008).