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1. Characterized by many curves or turns; winding: a sinuous stream.
2. Characterized by supple and lithe movements: the sinuous grace of a dancer.
3. Sinuate: a sinuous leaf.

[From Latin sinuōsus, from sinus, curve.]

sin′u·ous·ly adv.
sin′u·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.sinuously - in a sinuous manner
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advgewunden; dance etcgeschmeidig, schlangenartig
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References in classic literature ?
Through the luxuriant, tangled vegetation of the Stygian jungle night a great lithe body made its way sinuously and in utter silence upon its soft padded feet.
He stood erect and stretched his great frame, the muscles of his arms gliding sinuously beneath his tanned skin as he bent his clenched fists behind his head.
So it was that as Kulonga emerged from the shadow of the jungle a slender coil of rope sped sinuously above him from the lowest branch of a mighty tree directly upon the edge of the fields of Mbonga, and ere the king's son had taken a half dozen steps into the clearing a quick noose tightened about his neck.
For a long period there was silence, then of a sudden a soft, stealthy sound behind me caused me to turn suddenly to behold a great many-legged banth creeping sinuously upon me.
The big cat had finished the milk and was rubbing its whiskered cheek sinuously against her skirt.
This is the reason that the pigeons that he creates on canvas do not appear to be a species belonging to a different habitat but sinuously merge into the landscape that is populated by human beings.
When they dive, cormorants pin their wings tightly to the body and propel themselves with their quite large webbed feet at surprising speed and with remarkably quick turning talent as they sinuously pursue fish.
Designed throughout by Ian Schrager Company and Wimberly Interiors, the cavernous five-storey lobby contains a dramatic, curved atrium with a sinuously shaped balustrade.
?This year the Cape Cod's double tour has evolved into a steel bracelet in Milanese mesh that wraps sinuously around the wrist, but one thing hasn't changed: the double tour was a strong fashion statement then and still is today.
Handbags bear a new Cavalli logotype, of two Cs in nail head studs sinuously interlinked like a serpent.
The Punishment She Deserves (Penguin Audio, 23 hours), Elizabeth George's 20th Lynley Novel, performed by master narrator Simon Vance, is classic George--a sinuously nuanced novel of stylish prose and clever dialogue.