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 (sī′nə-soid′, -nyə-)
1. Mathematics See sine curve.
2. Anatomy Any of the venous cavities through which blood passes in various glands and organs, such as the adrenal gland and the liver.

[Medieval Latin sinus, sine; see sine + -oid.]

si′nu·soi′dal (-soid′l) adj.
si′nu·soi′dal·ly adv.


1. (Mathematics) maths of or relating to a sine curve
2. (General Physics) physics having a magnitude that varies as a sine curve
ˌsinusˈoidally adv
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Adj.1.sinusoidal - having a succession of waves or curves
curved, curving - having or marked by a curve or smoothly rounded bend; "the curved tusks of a walrus"; "his curved lips suggested a smile but his eyes were hard"


[ˌsaɪnəˈsɔɪdl] adjsinusoidale
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The sinusoidal generators, as simplified versions of the CPG, have been used in the snake and caterpillar Mecabot configurations giving good results, these demand less calculations and keep the benefits of the CPG.
The most commonly used chemotherapy regimens include FOLFOX (5-fluorouracil/leucovorin and oxaliplatin) and FOLFIRI (5-fluorouracil/leucovorin and irinotecan), which often achieve excellent treatment responses; however, they may result in liver injury such as sinusoidal obstruction syndrome and steatohepatitis, respectively.
The new corrugated curver takes a sinusoidal metal sheet and bends the material in a gradual way, using a series of rolls housed within the machine.
The copperplate map was on a Sinusoidal projection as demonstrated by Wang (1991), and most of the d'Anville maps are re-projections and/or re-drawings from this base map.
Simple harmonic motion is a type of periodic motion that can be seen as being sinusoidal in time, as the restoring force is directly proportional to the displacement.
The drill string can buckle into a sinusoidal or helical buckling configuration under the co-action of the gravity, bending moment, contact force as well as friction between the drill string and borehole.
A result that the scientists themselves had not expected also opens up new research perspectives: In addition to the multipotent stromal cells, sinusoidal endothelial cells in the bone marrow are another cell type that appears to have increased CD73 activity.
Therefore, it is relevant to study the optimal distribution of asymmetric load currents between a three-phase source, PAF and a reactive compensator, which provides the minimum power loss when consuming sinusoidal symmetric source current.
In his basic example, he examines the frequency content of a synthetic line voltage that is created by summing the sinusoidal signals and a noise component.
Quadrature sinusoidal oscillators are very important circuits in numerous applications such as communication, sound system, instrumentation, control system.
The first buckling mode that the long cylinder will undergo is what will be termed constrained Euler sinusoidal buckling.
Can researchers find an appropriate depth, width, and spacing of the sinusoidal pattern--dubbed the "mumble strip"--that will provide enough noise and vibration inside the vehicle to alert drivers that they are drifting from their lane?