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also sy·phon (sī′fən)
1. A tube that carries a liquid from a higher level up and over a barrier and then down to a lower level, with the flow maintained by gravity and atmospheric pressure as long as the tube remains filled.
2. Zoology A tubular organ, especially of aquatic invertebrates such as squids or clams, by which water is taken in or expelled.
v. si·phoned, si·phon·ing, si·phons also sy·phoned or sy·phon·ing or sy·phons
1. To draw off or convey (a liquid) through a siphon.
2. To take or transfer (something), often illicitly: siphon money from an account; siphon customers from a competitor.
To pass through a siphon.

[Middle English, from Latin sīphō, sīphōn-, from Greek sīphōn.]

si′phon·al, si·phon′ic adj.
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- Replacement of the sucking bridges by sucked / scraped bridges, serrated blades and siphonic partitions of the clarifiers, system of cleaning of the chutes,
Demand in the region is growing for siphonic roof drainage.
All three toilets were of the siphonic type, in which flush water enters the bowl bottom as a submerged jet directed toward the S-shaped outlet trapway, inducing a siphon effect that empties the bowl.
He further said: "The urinal's ceramic surface is quick and easy to clean and has no awkward nooks and crannies or mounting holes for dirt to gather, while even the siphon of the siphonic urinal has an easy-to-clean ceramic cover.
Polypipe Terrain's Hydromax Siphonic roof drainage system and Fuze Gravity Drainage for soil and waste management, both produced from HDPE, Domus Ventilation system manufactured from PVC and polybutylene-based under-floor heating systems feature in the display, alongside an array of plastic products ranging from a canoe paddle to a stadium seat and rowing pogies.
The installation of four siphonic spillways to ensure rapid discharge of water during a flood was a notable feature.
Caroma dual-flush toilets use a "washdown" flush action versus the siphonic flush action more common in North American toilets.
The new trainer liked the grey on sight, liked her better on further acquaintance, and recommended her to John Amerman, owner of Grade 1 winners such as Lido Palace, Siphonic, Happyanunoit and Star Of Cozzene and former chairman of the Mattel Corporation.
SIPHONIC, third to Johannesburg in the Breeders' Cup Juvenile, was an expensive failure when third on his return at Santa Anita on Saturday.
ENTRIES: Came Home; Essence Of Dubai; French Assault; Ibn Al Haitham; Johannesburg; Jump Start; Officer; Publication; Repent; Saarland; Siphonic; Striking Song.
Juvenile: 4-7 Officer, 11-2 Johannesburg, 7-1 Came Home, 8-1 Siphonic, 14-1 Essence Of Dubai, 20-1 Jump Start, 25-1 Ibn Al Haitham, 33-1 bar.