sippy cup

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sip·py cup

A plastic drinking cup having a tightly fitted lid with a short spout, used especially with young children to minimize spilling.

[sip + -y.]

sippy cup

US and Canadian a plastic cup for young children which has a tight-fitting lid with a perforated spout
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She is best known for a variety of hit songs, including Sippy Cup, Mad Hatter, Mrs Potato Head, Cry Baby, Pacify Her, Soap, Dollhouse and Pity Party.
You should also bring an empty sippy cup to fill up at the water fountain once you've passed through security.
Serenading her with a song in Portuguese,Alissonshows off his guitar-playing ability and strong singing voice as little Helena drinks from a sippy cup.
Lollacup is a sippy cup with a weighted straw that allows children as young as a nine-month-old to easily and effectively drink from the straw.
Someone else helped the mom get the kid's sippy cup out of her bag and give it to him."
I'll also have to wean her off her sippy cup and her potty, there will be no more 1970s-style playgroup in the church hall with stewed tea and Malted Milk biscuits, and our Toddler Era will draw to a forever close.
In many nursing homes, the easy solution is a straw or a cup with a drinking spout on top--the adult equivalent of a child's "sippy cup."
If toddlers are given fruit juice, it should be in a cup rather than a bottle, sippy cup, or box of juice that they can carry around for long periods.
(It never occurred to the younger me to wonder whether a plastic baby bottle or sippy cup could be dangerous.)
Tellex and her graduate student John Oberlin have gathered--and are now sharing--data on roughly 200 items, starting with such things as a child's shoe, a plastic boat, a rubber duck, a garlic press and other cookware, and a sippy cup that originally belonged to her three-year-old son.
Drinking from a sippy cup also showed a univariate multiplicative decrease in DMFT index (e[beta] = 0.44, 95% Ci: 0.24 to 0.80).
Absorbing how their little fingers move, pick up a toy, put food in their mouth, and then hold a sippy cup and drink?