sippy cup

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sip·py cup

A plastic drinking cup having a tightly fitted lid with a short spout, used especially with young children to minimize spilling.

[sip + -y.]

sippy cup

US and Canadian a plastic cup for young children which has a tight-fitting lid with a perforated spout
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I'll also have to wean her off her sippy cup and her potty, there will be no more 1970s-style playgroup in the church hall with stewed tea and Malted Milk biscuits, and our Toddler Era will draw to a forever close.
Several new feeding items, like the Parents Choice Sippy Cup ($.
Young suggested that toddlers drink from a sippy cup, suck on a lollipop or blow bubbles into a cup of water to help create pressure equilibrium.
If toddlers are given fruit juice, it should be in a cup rather than a bottle, sippy cup, or box of juice that they can carry around for long periods.
It never occurred to the younger me to wonder whether a plastic baby bottle or sippy cup could be dangerous.
Tellex and her graduate student John Oberlin have gathered--and are now sharing--data on roughly 200 items, starting with such things as a child's shoe, a plastic boat, a rubber duck, a garlic press and other cookware, and a sippy cup that originally belonged to her three-year-old son.
Drinking from a sippy cup also showed a univariate multiplicative decrease in DMFT index (e[beta] = 0.
Absorbing how their little fingers move, pick up a toy, put food in their mouth, and then hold a sippy cup and drink?
Most are not aware that the apple juice they put in a Sippy Cup has a pH of 3.
He said no water was given to the child because the father said the boy did know how to drink from a sippy cup.
Each night at dinnertime, a familiar ritual played out in Michael Green's home: He'd slide a stainless steel sippy cup across the table to his two-year-old daughter, Juliette, and she'd howl for the pink plastic one.
Your baby doesn't have to necessarily drink pure water straight out of a bottle or a sippy cup to get her recommended daily allowances.