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also sir·ee  (sə-rē′)
n. Informal
Sir. Used for emphasis after yes or no.


(səˈriː) or


(sometimes capital) informal US an emphatic exclamation used with yes or no


or si•ree


n. (sometimes cap.)
(used as an intensive with no or yes): Will I go there again? No, sirree!
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As they say in the Deep South - where Tennessee Williams's classic play is set: "No, sirree, not at all.
No sirree, he'll be back in Reading, Ohio, peacefully carving the turkey.
I thought all girls in their late teens were things of rare beauty, even the ugly ones, and my girl ain't ugly, no sirree (that may be how they talk in Wisconsin, but I can't be sure).
Yes sirree, rather than wash my hair, cook tea or water the plants, I watched I Can Cook (CBeebies, 3.