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Noun1.Sise - the cardinal number that is the sum of five and onesise - the cardinal number that is the sum of five and one
digit, figure - one of the elements that collectively form a system of numeration; "0 and 1 are digits"
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o meet the demographic challenge, this project is the extension of the elementary school Henry Frick, SISE 53-55-57 Braemt Street in 1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node.
21 PL but ed After just one bounce game for Rangers, Sise believes he wasn't able to show his best form in Glasgow and that's why he has returned to his homeland.
Sise has plenty of pace and boasts a good first touch but may be too raw at this stage.
Iskra of Slovenia, Montupet of France, Orlandi Group of Italy, Sise Cam of Turkey have all announced building factories in Macedonia but none of these investments was realized despite the tax reliefs, the free economic zones and the advertisements.
Sise says that four-year-old colt has done nothing but improve since arriving in Dubai and that he expects a big effort on Saturday.
La base de M-Sise es Sise, un sistema de gestion integrado, tambien creado por Sistran, que maneja las distintas areas de una empresa de seguros (ventas, siniestros, administracion, finanzas y regulacion) y que permite ser operado por multiples usuarios e incluso a traves de internet.
Anadolu Cam is the largest producer of beverage and food containers in Turkey and a member of the leading Turkish industrial group Turkiye Sise ve Cam Fabrikalari AS.
En la actualidad el SISE permite entre otros aspectos: * Conocer cada juicio desde que ingresa a un organo jurisdiccional; * Identificar las cargas de trabajo de cada tribunal de circuito y de cada juzgado de distrito en los 29 circuitos judiciales federales; * Llevar un control de los tiempos de resolucion de cada juicio; * Saber la capacidad de cada tribunal de circuito o juzgado de distrito, para enfrentar los ingresos de asuntos; * Consultar las listas sintetizadas de acuerdos que se publican por internet.
The Finnish wood processing and weighing technology group Raute Oyj said on Wednesday (8 October) that its unit Raute Precision had received a contract for glass batch plants from the Turkish glass producer Turkiye Sise ve Cam Fabrikalari A (Sisecam).
INITIAL LIGHTBULB: "When I was a little kid, I was obsessed with snowboarding," explained Athletic Motion President and CEO Bryan Sise, who founded the company in Durango with his brother, David Grossman, "I used to sit down in the den watching a snowboarding video.
Schott Glasswerks/Schott Group, Sisecam Group (Turkiye Sise Ve Cam Fabrikairl A.
MoncefMattoussi, president directeur general de l'Entreprise tunisienne des activites petrolieres (ETAP), a annonce ce lundi 1er juin a Africanmanager que la societe d'exploitation petroliere OMV sise dans le gouvernorat de Tataouine a decide d'arreter la production et ce a partir du 5 juin.