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n. pl. sis·sies
1. A person regarded as timid or cowardly.
2. Offensive A boy or man regarded as effeminate.
3. Informal Sister.

[ Diminutive of sis.]

sis′si·fied′ (-fīd′) adj.
sis′si·ness, sis′sy·ness n.
sis′sy·ish adj.
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(ˈsɪs əˌfaɪd)

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Adj.1.sissified - having unsuitable feminine qualities
unmanful, unmanlike, unmanly - not possessing qualities befitting a man
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Having qualities more appropriate to women than to men:
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adjweibisch, wie ein Weib
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It's sad how so many American men are evidently becoming more and more sissified as time goes on.
To be sure, Finland is freer than its neighbors, and holds especial contempt for the sissified Swedes (the Finns, after all, have the world's third-highest rate of firearms ownership, and take great pride in sisu [masculinity], as exemplified by their heroic resistance to the Soviet Russian invaders during the Winter War).
The Hofburg has been Sissified. It is now the site where visitors enjoy the Habsburg past as soap opera, continuing the "Waltzing Volcano" genre of history that endured well into the 1970s.
Some complained that, after Mitchell and Jessen arrived, reasonably cooperative prisoners were suddenly brutalized under the theory that the original approach had been too "sissified.''
But the band members' geographical origins complicate that assertion when the narrator describes them as "four men and a leader--Rattle Benbow from Galveston; Benbow's buddy, the drummer, from Houston; his banjoist from Birmingham; his cornetist from Atlanta; and the pianist, long-fingered, sissified, a coal-black lad from New Orleans who had brought with him an exaggerated rag-time which he called jazz" (105).
Hollywood, and our society in general, has really sissified the movies quite a bit.
In the chapter "White-Collar Casanovas," Berebitsky suggests that the harassment of women became a core feature of white-collar men's work culture because it countered the stereotype that they were sissified. Another factor she explores is upper-class bosses' sense of entitlement to working-class women's bodies.
a flamboyant, sissified entertainer in African American vaudeville-- [who] both destabilized sexual norms and defused sexual tensions among African American men and women....
The economics that she rightly accuses of falling short in its efforts to explain the modern world--the economics that ignores human passions other than for the prudential pursuit of observable material gain and that bullyingly rejects as sissified any methods of inquiry other than those expressed in formal mathematics--is, although dominant, not the only species of economics.
But--and for hunters this is a most important but--no law, rule or directive requires a hunter to keep his poodle in those outlandish dog show trims that make the dog look like a sissified male lion.
In one letter he praises Taylor's acting while describing the profession as "sissified and ridiculous" for a "really proper man."