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n. pl. sis·sies
1. A person regarded as timid or cowardly.
2. Offensive A boy or man regarded as effeminate.
3. Informal Sister.

[ Diminutive of sis.]

sis′si·fied′ (-fīd′) adj.
sis′si·ness, sis′sy·ness n.
sis′sy·ish adj.
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or sissyness
The quality of being effeminate:
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He was slender and dapper, and in appearance and comportment was so sweet- and gentle-spirited that the impression he radiated was almost of sissyness. He might have taught a Sunday-school, presided over a girls' seminary, or been a president of a humane society.
In this story the ducks are not dealing with the social issue of homosexuality, but rather with that of divergent male gender expression or gender non-compliance, that is to say, effeminateness or "sissyness." The engagement with the topic is carried out in a way that is perceived to be suitable for children; in fact, the word "homosexuality" is never mentioned, nor are issues of same-sex attraction.
AS I BEGIN WRITING this review, an e-mail from John D'Emilio pops up on the Queer Studies List, a reaction to an account of an appallingly homophobic and misogynistic lecture given by a controversial researcher working on the etiology of homosexuality and its links to gender atypical behaviour, in other words to "sissyness" or "tomboyishness:" "A generation ago, queer activists made it very difficult for an earlier generation of ...