sit on

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sit on

vb (intr, preposition)
1. to be a member of (a committee, etc)
2. informal to suppress
3. informal to check or rebuke
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1. To assume a particular position, as for a portrait:
2. To cause to take a sitting position.Also used with down:
phrasal verb
sit on or upon
Informal. To hold (something requiring an outlet) in check:

w>sit on

vi (= continue sitting)sitzen bleiben
vi +prep obj
committee, panel, jurysitzen in (+dat); I was asked to sit on the committeeman bat mich, Mitglied des Ausschusses zu werden
(= not deal with)sitzen auf (+dat)
(inf: = suppress) idea, invention, productunterdrücken, nicht hochkommen lassen; personeinen Dämpfer aufsetzen (+dat) (inf); to get sat on (= suppressed)unterdrückt werden; (= rebuked)eins draufkriegen (inf)