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 (sĭt′är′, sĭ-tär′)
A stringed instrument of India having a seasoned gourd for a body and a hollow wooden neck with movable raised frets. Stretched over the frets are usually 6 or 7 metal strings on which the melody is played with a pick, and stretched under the frets are 11 or more sympathetic resonating strings.

[Hindi sitār, from Persian : si, three; see trei- in Indo-European roots + tār, string; see ten- in Indo-European roots.]

si·tar′ist n.
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(Instruments) a stringed musical instrument, esp of India, having a long neck, a rounded body, and movable frets. The main strings, three to seven in number, overlie other sympathetic strings, the tuning depending on the raga being performed
[from Hindi sitār, literally: three-stringed]
siˈtarist n
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a lute of India with a small, pear-shaped body and a long, broad, fretted neck.
[1835–45; < Hindi sitār]
si•tar′ist, n.
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Noun1.sitar - a stringed instrument of Indiasitar - a stringed instrument of India; has a long neck and movable frets; has 6 or 7 metal strings for playing and usually 13 resonating strings
stringed instrument - a musical instrument in which taut strings provide the source of sound
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[sɪˈtɑːʳ] Nsitar m
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[sɪˈtɑːr ˈsɪtɑːr] n (= musical instrument) → sitar m
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nSitar m
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[sɪˈtɑːʳ] nsitar m inv
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The voices of early evening had settled down to one soothing hum whose deepest note was the steady chumping of the bullocks above their chopped straw, and whose highest was the tinkle of a Bengali dancing-girl's sitar. Most men had eaten and pulled deep at their gurgling, grunting hookahs, which in full blast sound like bull-frogs.
Bringing such recreational activity to the city will not only help the aspiring singers but it will also help the music industry and dying art of classical musical instruments such as 'tabla', 'sitar' and harmonium.
Artisans on the kilometre-long stretch of Shah Allah Ditta Road used to make tablas, sitars, rababs and harmoniums, but with the art of making such instruments dying they have learned how to work with newer and western instruments, such as guitars and drums.
Wajih Nizami is a musician, composer and writer who plays Sitar and has been described as the most known contemporary Pakistani Musician, a brilliant performer and acclaimed as one of the most outstanding Sitar players of the country, Wajih is a classical Sitarist who is carrying legacy from his family that belongs to Senia Gharana after the name of Mian Tan Sein Ji.
The seller engaged Sitar on an exclusive basis to market and sell the property.
The second day began when the world acclaimed kathak exponent Naheed Siddiqui performed, accompanied by Ustad Nafees Khan on sitar. The performance was called Taal Ang.
Last week, the Indian Embassy in Cairo, opened its glamorous doors in Zamalek to welcome attendees who came to share the happiness of India's Independence day as well as to the amusement of a witnessing a live sitar recital performance that rarely takes place in Egypt.
His maternal grandfather Inayat Ali Khan was also considered one of the finest sitar players in the subcontinent.
Her love affair with the sitar started when she was six years old and at the age of eight she gave her first public performance and began broadcasting on the radio even earlier.
/ we sat solid under a tiny circus tent, / as our guru played our chakras on this ancient sitar. / Then he talked a bit about our life / and our being one with mother earth.
Martine Bochat (centre) gets a lesson on the sitar from Virendra Bhatt (left) and Nicholas Proctor during the Kirklees multi-cultural festival | Martine Bochat (centre) gets a lesson on the sitar from Virendra Bhatt (left) and Nicholas Proctor during the Kirklees multi-cultural festival | 33235205
The University of Oregon School of Music and Dance offers a variety of learning experiences this week, from the music of the sitar to a celebration of Franz Lizst's music to a lesson in how songwriters turn words into music.