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A medium-sized antelope (Tragelaphus spekii) of swampy areas of sub-Saharan Africa, having a brownish or grayish coat, splayed hooves, and spirally twisted horns in the male.

[Of Bantu origin.]
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(Animals) another name for marshbuck
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Hippos wallow in the channels, and shy sitatunga navigate the swamps on splayed hooves.
PHOTO| MAYA MANGAT class="MsoNormalThe wetland is for the rare marsh antelope the sitatunga. A gorgeous jewelled flycatcher, herons and a pair of the stately Grey crowned cranes enjoy the swamp.
Jean-Luc and his team had thousands of photos of all manner of wildlife: gorillas, elephants, chimpanzees, duikers, sitatunga, and lots of bongo.
Once while hunting sitatunga in Zambia's Bangweulu Swamps, I placed my gloves in a V-shaped tree branch, forming a perfect rest for my Encore.
However, it was later expanded in 2009 to include widows from Kiminini, Waitaluk and then to Sitatunga and Kaplamai areas in Trans Nzoia county.
The trophy fee, or kill fee, to shoot one is $7,500; a sitatunga antelope, $12,000; and a black wildebeest, $15,000.
I've white-water rafted at Jinja, Uganda, just north of the White Nile's source at Lake Victoria, and I've traversed said lake by canoe and motorboat to and from the Sese Islands in search of the elusive Sitatunga, a spectacularly beautiful semi-aquatic antelope that failed to appear.
Sitatunga. The sitatunga bull is perhaps the singularly most underestimated hunting trophy in the world.
The focus and driving motivation of many of the CREMAs which have been registered thus far is the creation and expansion of livelihood opportunities: Avu Lagoon CREMA in Volta Region is concerned with an aquatic antelope species, the sitatunga, which, until recently, had been thought to be locally extinct (personal communication, Sheppard 2010) and with developing eco-tourism; the CREMA being developed in conjunction with the Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary is focused both on ecotourism and on developing livelihoods based on harvesting shea nuts (personal communications, Sheppard 2010; Mason 2010); Murugu-Mognori CREMA, adjacent to Mole National Park, is focusing on developing eco-tourism and hunting tourism opportunities (interviews with CREMA executives).
KWS also indicated that elephants, wild dogs, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, Sitatunga (an antelope), Tana crested mangabey, and Tana red colobus monkeys are endangered wildlife species in Kenya.