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I have seen not one job vacancy for a sports scientists, let alone sits vac ads for even better ones.
Maybe Newcastle should use the Sheikh and sits vac to put the freshness back.
If she wants to keep what she hopes will be her future mother-in-law on side I'd be scanning the sits vac as soon as possible.
Keep your eyes on the Sits Vac columns over the next few weeks if you want a chance to work with one of the country's major hi-tech employers.
To be fair, watching idle Englanders studying sits vac columns would beat seeing them inflict themselves on the playing field.
Still, at least the FA managed to fill one of the sits vac on Monday, when they made Ray Kiddell joint vice-chairman.
Start scouring the sits vac columns, buy a bottle of something soothing and invite your pal round to make peace by drinking it and helping you find another job.
Nalbandian might reflect on that - and the plethora of inviting sits vac at the top of the game.
The honeymoon period is OVER for the Celtic coach and unless there is a dramatic turn of events at Parkhead he could soon be scouring the Sits Vac columns.