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a. The combination of circumstances at a given moment; a state of affairs. See Synonyms at state.
b. A critical, problematic, or striking set of circumstances: We don't want this minor gaffe to turn into a situation.
2. The way in which something is positioned vis-à-vis its surroundings: the town's situation on the river.
3. Position or status with regard to conditions and circumstances: Their family's situation deteriorated during the recession.
4. A position of employment; a post: found a nice situation with a software company.

sit′u·a′tion·al adj.
sit′u·a′tion·al·ly adv.
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[ˌsɪtjʊˈeɪʃənl] ADJsituacional
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M2 PRESSWIRE-August 12, 2019-: Global Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Market Outlook Report, 2019 to 2025
Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 3 (ANI): Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman K Sivan has laid the foundation stone for Space Situational Awareness Control Centre Peenya in Bengaluru, the space agency said on Saturday.
When confronted with others' behavioral information, individuals will also make spontaneous situational inferences (SSIs; Todd, Molden, Ham, & Vonk, 2011).
Raleigh, NC, April 07, 2019 --( The United States Power Squadrons[R] (USPS) continues the debut of its third season of safe-boating videos on America's Boating Channel[TM] with "Situational Awareness," which can be found online at and as a free mobile app available at Apple's App Store and Google Play.
It's widely accepted that having good situational awareness" is vital to safe and efficient flying.
I am preparing for the final leg of a job interview and for that, we were told to expect a situational interview.
Minister of Transportation and Communications, Wu Hong-mo, at the Legislative Yuan on Monday announced that more situational questions will be added to the written test for scooter licenses to improve traffic safety, increasing the number of questions on the examination from five questions to 10.
According to Speakman and Ryals (2010), however, conflict management research has been heavily influenced by the "one best way" (e.g., Blake & Mouton, 1964, 1981; Fisher & Ury, 1981; Lax & Sebenius, 1986; Pruitt, 1981) as well as situational or contingency perspectives (e.g., Thomas, 1992b; Munduate, Ganaza, Peiro, & Euwema, 1999) which also mainly aim to find out the most and usually single effective mode of conflict management behavior.
The real meaning of situational understanding involves supporting proactive risk-based decisions in a CBRN environment by integrating available information.
Cubic announced that its Cubic Transportation Systems business division has signed an agreement to participate in a research and development (R&D) project designed to improve traffic flow in Melbourne and other Australian cities through improved situational awareness for network operators.
The 27-year-old Newsome said the team works on 'situational plays' during practice and that particular alleyoop play was part of those.

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