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She added hot baths, sitz baths, shower baths, and plunges.
Also, taking a sitz bath (sitting in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes) relaxes the anal muscles, reduces pain and promotes healing by increasing blood flow to the area.
An anticonstipation diet, consuming plenty of water, using laxatives in the presence of constipation, taking local painkillers, and to perform a hot sitz bath were advised in patients younger than 12 years old.
For the acute component (main issue: hypertonicity/spasm), the primary treatment is sphincter relaxation (sitz bath plus diltiazem cream) (2, 3).
Patients who don't have a bathtub in which to take sitz bath can accomplish the same thing using an easily removable, commercially available device that fits over a toilet bowl.
Another thing she recommends is a sitz bath, a warm shallow bath where only one's hips and butts are immersed in the water.
* Soak in a lukewarm or cool sitz bath (a shallow bath that cleanses the perineum and provides relief from pain or itching in the genital area)
* All patients received stool softeners, daily sitz bath and fibre supplement diet.
Soak in a warm bath, or use a sitz bath (placed on a toilet) filled with warm water.
Most often, the doctor will recommend taking a sitz bath two or three times a day: sitting in plain warm water for about 20 minutes at a time.
A sitz bath is an immersion bath with the person seated in a tub with water covering the hips, buttocks and lower abdomen.
Herbal sitz bath blends for healing stitches or sore bottoms can be made by mixing comfrey, yarrow, calendula, and lavender.