size constancy

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Noun1.size constancy - the tendency to perceive the veridical size of a familiar object despite differences in their distance (and consequent differences in the size of the pattern projected on the retina of the eye)
perceptual constancy, constancy - (psychology) the tendency for perceived objects to give rise to very similar perceptual experiences in spite of wide variations in the conditions of observation
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Sighted persons first experience size constancy in infancy (Slater, Mattock, & Brown, 1990).
Nevertheless, small differences in visual angles are not relevant to distance perception, either because of the absence of size constancy (Teghtsoonian & Beckwith, 1976), or because (egocentric) distance perception is considered an independent process of size perception (although the opposite is not true; that is, size perception requires knowing the egocentric distance to the perceived object) (Gogel, 1993; Haber & Levin, 2001).
Size constancy is the human expectation for familiar things to be the same size in most situations.